qdPM History

qdPM grew out of a need for a flexible project management tool that would support doing business over  the web.  After evaluating numerous open source solutions and even trying a few for a year or so, we could not find any that had the flexibility we wanted with an easy to use interface.  So like true programmers, we decided to build our own.

Our intention is not only to build an open source solution but to build an open framework; one that will support any project management methodology no matter how formal or, indeed, informal.  Our aim is to create a product that is so highly flexible in nature that beyond defining standard entities like Project, Tasks and Users we could pretty much leave the rest up to the user to define.

So we built qdPM.  And it is great.  And then we built qdPM Extended which is even better.

Lead Developer

Sergey Kharchishin has over 15 years programming experience including 4 as a project manager.  He specializes in LAMP technologies.  Always looking around for new and better ways to get things done, Sergey trialed a number of php development frameworks before discovering symfony.

When he created his first  project using symfony, Sergey found it so fast and so useful that he says he fell love with it and that is why qdPM is built using symfony. You can’t argue with love!

Project Management Expert

Kym Romanets is a Certified Practicing Project Director as well as a Certified Scrum Master. She has consulted to numerous businesses including Fortune 100 companies on project management best practice.

She has managed all sizes and types of projects and seen the evolution of numerous project management methodologies.

Her view is that the methodology has to fit the culture of an organization as well as the nature of the projects they undertake in order to be effective.   

Community Support

Olga Kharchishin, married to Sergey, has over 5 years programming experience.  Her area of specialization is LAMP technologies  working with open source solutions such as Drupal.  She designs and develops our community sites.

Software Tester

Annushka Romanets, daughter of Kym, joined the team in 2016, to QA new releases including V8 and V9.