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Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management.

When responding to a Ticket, you can easily create one or more Tasks associated with that Ticket that the Customer does not see.

Once the Task is completed you can advise the Customer and close the Ticket.

  • Tickets Access Control
    Allows you configure user access for tickets. User can manage tickets or you can hide tickets for user.
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  • Configuration
    Allows you configure tickets status, types, departments  and custom extra fields for tickets
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  • Extra Fields
    Allows you create custom extra fields for tickets
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  • Attachments
    You can add unlimited attachments to ticket
  • Tickets Filters
    You can filter tickets by status, type, department and all other fields that tickets have
  • Tickets Comments
    Allows you create comments for tickets
  • Search
    Allows you search tickets by ID or Name including description and tickets comments
  • Tickets Reports
    Allows you create custom tickets reports and display it on home dashboard or menu
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  • Email Notification
    User will be notified by email when new ticket created assigned to his department or new comments added ot his ticket