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Task Info page
  • Tasks Access Control
    Allows you configure user access for tasks. Usera can have view only or full access.
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  • Configuration
    Allows you configure task status, labels, types, priorities and custom extra fields
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  • Multiple Edit
    Allows you select several tasks and update them.
  • Extra Fields
    Allows you create custom extra fields for tasks
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  • Attachments
    You can add unlimited attachments to tasks
  • Move Tasks
    Allows you to move tasks to other projects
  • Tasks Groups
    You can associate tasks with a group, phase and/or versions and filter tasks by group, phase or version
  • Tasks Filters
    You can filter tasks by status, label, assigned to fields and all other fields
  • Search
    Allows you to search tasks by ID or Name including description and tasks comments
  • XLS Export
    You can export tasks list in spreadsheet format
  • Tasks Comments
    Allows you to create comments for tasks
  • Tasks Reports
    Allows you create custom task report and display it on home dashboard or menu
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  • Email Notification
    Users will be notified by email when new tasks are assigned to them or new comments added to their tasks