Default Translations

By default qdPM Extended have English and Russian translations

Extra Translations

Translations from qdPM Extended 3.0 version works with qdPM 8.0

So you can go to translation page and download new translation.

To install new translation just unpack archive to 'core/apps/qdPM/i18n/' folder


Did not find your translation?

Please contact us to request new translation.

How to upgrade translation?

Translations stored in 'core/apps/qdPM/i18n/'
Just find messages.xml for your language and update it.

How create new translation?

Download In archive you can find messages.xml
XML file have next format

<trans-unit id="1">

You have to put your translation in <target> tag.
For example Russian translation will have next format

<trans-unit id="1">

Once translation is ready you have to create folder in core/apps/qdPM/i18n/ for your langeage. 
There is file list_of_culture_codes.xls where you can find code for your translation.
Once folder is created copy messages.xml there.