About Projects and Tasks, and an uncooperative assigned user

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About Projects and Tasks, and an uncooperative assigned user

Postby RossKorbell » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:36 am

Hi guys, first of all congratulations on making this awesome software available!

I have installed the free version qdPM and is trying it out. The interface is great and everything looks perfect, and I managed to figure out most things.

I'm just stumped by this following issue (though I'm sure there must be something I did wrongly):

In my test I imagined a project where the client wants my company to redesign his website, then I create all the accounts for my team which I then access individually to see what they could and could not see or do.

My 'manager' created the project "website redesign" and proceeded to make tasks and assign them.

The tasks are for simplicity just 1. make backup of old site. 2. make a new site. 2. 3. upload and replace new site.

I then assigned the tasks to 3 designer accounts to take on one task each ie:

Task1: backup old site: I assigned to Peter
Task2: make new site: I assigned to Susan
Task3: upload new site: I assigned to Harry.

Ok now the issue I am facing which I have been trying unsuccessfully to solve:

When Peter logs in to his account and click all tasks, is it normal that he can also see tasks that is assigned to other people? This is a problem because I do not want Peter to contact Harry to privately exchange tasks such as doing it for him or some other private arrangements which I cannot see or follow up on. I also do not want Susan to complain why her tasks is hardest with same timeline as Peter etc etc. While all these can be solved offline, it will greatly simplify things for the project manager if everyone can only see their own task, right?

Second issue and a more serious one is that why can non-manager accounts delete tasks made by the manager account? Ie Peter deletes the task assigned to Harry, there is no trace or evidence Harry's task ever existed. In fact an uncooperative user can delete all the tasks assigned to anyone and there will be no tasks left at all, not only in his account, but from every other user who is involved in the project. And even the project 'manager' will find that all the tasks he/she painstakingly assigned and are following up on will all be gone without a trace.

Anyone with any ideas can help out with the above issues? I'm guessing there must be a really simple thing I missed but I have gone through every detail and created several different projects and they all have the above-mentioned issues... so please give me some help if you can I will be very grateful..
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